How to Help a Friend Who is Too High

Sharing cannabis seems like a friendly thing to do until it’s not. Until that friend seems to deal negatively with the stuff you gave them and needs a bit of help. Maybe they brought their own stuff and now that is affecting them. A dose of CBD can be helpful for some, a little bit of marijuana never hurt anyone, but it might make them feel bad for a while. Nobody wants their friend to have a bad high from their marijuana. Check dosages and make sure friends know what you are taking. It may not be wise to share but it is also helpful to think about the friends and prepare just in case. 


Offer Some Support

A friend who is having a wild weed moment might need a time out. Help them calm down by staying close by, telling them they are okay and everything will be fine if they just lie down a moment. Offer a safe, comfortable space that is away from people and quiet. Assure them they will be okay and it will pass on by soon. Whether or not you shared your stuff with them is not the issue. If they brought their own and didn’t realize they took too much or had a bad day with it, they need your help. Reassure them things are fine and they don’t need to worry. It might also help to stroke their arms, with permission, and hug them close to increase oxytocin. This puts their parasympathetic nervous system into friend mode and slows down the response of fight or flight that might be kicking in at that moment. Support them by breathing together, like you would a friend in labor. Inhale deeply, exhale deeply, close the mouth and breathe through the nose to help things pass. 



The key to getting past a bad trip is to rest. A friend who needs to move past what feels nasty and yucky is to lie down for a while. Watch something funny or relaxing on television. Don’t do anything sudden like jumping up or running. Give them a distraction if they can’t sleep to help them stay on the couch and rest. Do a sing-along with the friend of their favorite tune when they are stressed or need help. Keep them focused on something else besides the thing in front of them that feels weird. 


Opt Outside

Get out of your head by getting outside. Help your friend go walk outdoors and breathe some fresh air. Calm a friend by walking alongside them, hold their hand if they need reassurance, and go sit somewhere calming. Usually, this means by water or in the forest somewhere with trees and birds. Being outside can clear the lungs and the mind. It can be good for the soul to get some fresh air but it might trigger some people if there is a lot of noise or visual stimulation. Pare it down by staying close to home in case they continue to panic and de-escalate by getting them to a couch for some quiet time. 


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