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Small businesses are the backbone of America. In Prince George County, Maryland, the same is also true. One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is not just one thing. Several factors play into how to help small businesses thrive amid the current economic climate. Small business entrepreneurs and workers help keep things going but also struggle under the weight of keeping their businesses afloat. Their resilience and determination to keep going in the face of adversity helps create a better overall economy in Prince George County. Learn some ways to help small businesses thrive and why it is important.

Shop Local

Local communities need small businesses. Purchases bought locally directly support friends, neighbors, and colleagues. When owners stay local and open up a business, they need lots of economic support to start and stay open. During the recent pandemic, grants and loans were available to help small businesses but it was still challenging to stay open with pandemic-related shutdowns and changes to ways businesses were conducted from in-person to online and hybrid versions of shopping. Local businesses were hit particularly hard. Stay local, shop local, give tips where necessary, and encourage friends to do the same.

Give Local

The holidays are an important time for small businesses but so are birthdays and other special holidays. When people keep loved ones in mind and shop locally at salons, spas, eateries, and more, they keep money circulating within the local community. Small businesses benefit when everyone shops locally, especially when it comes to giving gifts or buying for holidays.

Share Local

Local businesses rely on word of mouth to spread the word about them. Consumers share online in blogs, reviews, and on social media. They also love to show off to their friends what they got and where they bought it from. Sharing stories of great service and quality products has a positive impact on small businesses. Bringing friends and family to businesses or directly referring them impacts local businesses and helps them thrive.

Local Challenges

With current pandemic changes and developments, business owners are more conscious of how they run their businesses. As a consumer, it helps to be mindful of how businesses may be short-staffed, dealing with supply chain issues, or need increased community support. Take time to visit local shops, learn about their challenges, and prop them up as much as possible. Every little bit helps.

Support Local Dispensaries

In Prince George County, cannabis dispensaries are creating a positive impact as small, local businesses are opening up. Mary and Main are one of the small dispensaries excited about its future. Owned by Hope Wiseman, she hopes to create opportunities for Black entrepreneurs, especially Black women, in the dispensary business. Women and Black entrepreneurs, along with Asian-Americans and Hispanic business owners often face uphill battles as small businesses. The war on drugs and the history of policing marijuana has directly impacted these communities more than any other. It impacts small businesses owners across the board.

Hope desires social equity and more spaces for Black owners to thrive in Prince George County and beyond. It may take a while to get licensed, apply, and fight for funding but Hope and other small business owners depend on hope and resilience to get them through. They also rely on consumers visiting their dispensaries and other businesses to make it work.


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