Why Americans Are Replacing Alcohol with Cannabis?

Consumption of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes is trending upward. Americans of all ages are getting in on the act, consuming different types of marijuana and embracing legalization. Alcohol used to be the choice for Americans to consume recreationally but with the side effects (think headaches and hangovers), more Americans are turning to cannabis. The pandemic certainly shifted preferences in dealing with stress, anxiety, and change. Find out just how this change happened and how it is affecting Americans.

Alcohol Consumption and Marijuana

It is true people choose alcohol or marijuana based on specific needs like coping with anxiety, stress, and life changes (among other things). Life has been especially tough for a few years between economic shifts including job changes, people moving more than ever, and work-from-home jobs becoming more the norm than the alternative. Along with somewhat of a stigma around alcohol consumption, the legalization of marijuana plus increased occasional recreational use on the rise, it is no wonder people are using it instead of alcohol.  Cannabis also has a type of ‘cool factor’ that is growing as it pushes aside stigma around its use in previous years. People are socially gathering to use cannabis and discussing the costs and benefits with loved ones who are considering its medicinal properties. choosing marijuana and cannabis because they want to enjoy the benefits of how it makes them feel without the side effects of alcohol.

Healthy Alternatives

For some people, they love the way cannabis helps them relax. Others may enjoy the benefit of pain relief and less symptoms of a condition they are working hard to overcome. Use of cannabis is increasing every year, with every state that legalizes its use. Where people may have turned to alcohol to numb feelings, pain, or just relax, they are finding a healthier alternative in cannabis. Not everyone likes the after effects of alcohol use.  Others self-medicate with alcohol to dull aches, pains, anxiety, or cope with symptoms of PTSD. Cannabis is more accessible (and legal) than ever which lessens the stigma for some people. Also, medicinal use is on the rise which is not the case with alcohol. Even though it can numb out pain or anxious feelings, cannabis has myriad properties which allow medical providers to recommend it as a great way to relax and soothe aches and pains. Consistent use of alcohol can lead to withdrawal symptoms or issues with alcoholism over time but less people who use cannabis recreationally will develop tolerance as long as they are careful or use it with medical oversight.

Green Wave

The green wave is sweeping America and taking it by storm. Cannabis legalization is moving from sea to shining sea with potential to open up huge markets for individual legal use as states open up to the possibilities. The rapid rise is catching up with decades of research and think tank policy that realized the benefit of legal cannabis use. While alcohol still carries some stigma, cannabis is becoming less stigmatized and more noticed for the benefits it brings. Medicinal and recreational dispensaries are opening, making it more accessible. As medical professionals offer this alternative to healthcare, individual Americans are making the choice to give it a try. This increased access plus desire for alternative use for health issues has resulted in many more Americans being open to trying cannabis than ever before. A green wave can mean better access to something that has long been waiting in the wings to help millions of Americans.

Making Cannabis Okay

Education is key for users of cannabis. Pharmacists and dispensaries are actively sharing educational materials with potential clients to tout the benefits of cannabis use. Finding the right products is important but so is helping people decide why they should choose cannabis over any other alternative. Public demand is higher than ever and the movement to normalize use is pushing dispensaries to be industry leaders. The drive away from alcohol use towards use of cannabis is focused on legalization. This movement to normalize use is helping push the growth of dispensaries across America, leading the way in helping people find support for chronic health conditions and provide healthier alternatives to other substances out there. The green wave of legalization is sweeping America, pushing alcohol to the background as it makes inroads with educating and supporting people in finding healthy alternatives for a better lifestyle.


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