Anorexia Nervosa: How Cannabis Can Help

Eating disorders are difficult to deal with millions of people. Anorexia nervosa causes people to struggle with their body image, dieting and weighing themselves thinking they may be overweight when they are, in fact, losing weight. People with eating disorders are more likely to struggle with co-occurring disorders like depression or even substance use. Cannabis, when used appropriately, can sometimes help people who struggle with this disorder. 


Cannabis Use and Anorexia Nervosa

The safety of using cannabis for people with anorexia nervosa depends on lots of factors. THC may improve anorexia symptoms and their perception of eating habits. Lower depression levels have been noted in studies recently, which helps people with the disorder accept help for their condition. They may be more likely to see themselves positively if depression is not as bad. Cannabis can help people with anorexia nervosa relax and feel less anxiety, which may drive their disorder and self-image. 


Negative Effects for Some Users

Cannabis can have a negative impact for some people who use it to help treat anorexia nervosa. It might make their anxiety worse or cause them to struggle with motivation in treatment. Many people can have co-occurring anxiety and trauma-related disorders, where cannabis may or may not have any impact on how they are able to navigate these challenges while getting help for the eating disorder. 


Addressing Concerns

Although cannabis can be helpful for some people, it is not right for everyone. It is a matter of finding the right strain and method of use for some while others may not experience the benefits if they struggle with myriad issues, including past trauma. The way a disorder makes people feel is important to address in therapy, along with any cannabis prescribed. The failure to address these can lead to a relapse of the eating disorder. Dispensaries with qualified professionals can even out the negative thoughts and behaviors that might impact someone’s healing. Even if it is a small part of the entire therapeutic experience, it can be just enough to help them move forward with getting the right treatment for the condition. It never hurts to give it a try and see what it might do for people with eating disorders. It just may bring some peace to the experience and help them find support.


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