Buds or Brownies? 5 Differences Between Edibles and Flowers

Going to a dispensary can be an interesting experience. There are many varieties, candies, and even chocolates to choose from. The possibilities seem endless to someone with an adventurous mindset. When a person dives into marijuana dispensaries, they may find more than they bargained for. Here, we break down the differences between the various forms and how to know which one is right for you.



Different types of edibles and varieties of cannabis are stronger or weaker, depending on how it is ingested. THC is metabolized by the liver, then converted into 11-hydroxy-THC. This metabolite is effective in crossing into the brain for a more intense high. Inhaled THC is different because it bypasses the stomach and liver. It hits the brain right away. Smoking or vaporizing cannabis comes on more quickly but also diminishes more quickly. 



A homemade batch of edibles sounds like a good idea, but it is hard to know how much is actually inside the edible end-product. Consumers may overestimate the dose. Inhaled cannabis allows people to consume the dose as needed. Professional budtenders understand how dosing works and how much is in different products. It helps to check in with them to be sure the products are not too much for the specific condition. 


Length of Time

Smaller is better when it comes to edibles. With metabolic speeds that range from a few minutes to a few hours, the effects can linger for many hours after use. People who ingest or take in a bigger amount may experience a longer effect. Consumers report stronger body effects coupled with a psychedelic high in large doses. Smaller amounts may have more comfortable effects and last longer, not disappearing as quickly when it fades. 



The potency is not always labeled properly. Unless a dispensary is required to label it, keep in mind that batches can change. It is hard to find consistency with batches. Legal cannabis systems are looking to regulate edible testing and THC content. It helps to think more about accuracy in labeling that can detail the true potency. Without using it, there is little to no way to truly know the potency unless the dispensary is accurate in labeling products. 


Making Choices

Not everyone enjoys smoking. They may want to try edibles because of what they heard from a friend or experienced in the past. Smoking is not for everyone. Vaporization is a health-conscious alternative for some but edibles may create longer-lasting relief for chronic systems like pain. Edible recipes do not always consist of sugary sweetness. There are now foods like cannabis-infused quinoa salad, butter, kale chips, and more. Remember to be cautious about labeling, speak to a certified budtender and make wise choices when choosing where to purchase edibles and flowers from. This will help make it easier to consume the products safely. 


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