Expungement Clinic

Each month, Peake ReLeaf & Mary and Main will be holding a virtual expungement clinic in partnership with The Maryland Medical Dispensary Association, Minorities...


The Importance of Access to Healthcare

Nationwide, all citizens have access to comprehensive and high quality healthcare. Having access to a network of highly trained and competent healthcare professionals gives...


Roots of 710

When most people think of cannabis holidays, 420 comes to mind, but there’s another holiday that many cannabis aficionados celebrate.  710, or July 10th,...


Marijuana Companies Owned By Women of Color

Despite the liberalization of the cannabis industry, it is still dominated by Whites with Blacks participating little in the marijuana economy. In cases where...



Local Cannabis Growers

Cultivation Centers or cannabis growers are establishments that are licensed to grow and distribute cannabis to dispensaries registered in the District for medical purposes....



Juneteenth, also known as June Nineteenth, marks the day when federal troops first arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 to take control of the...


Capital Farmer’s Market of 20743 and Food Apartheid in Prince George County

The Food Apartheid  Food is one of the basic necessities for life, and everybody has the right to access healthy food. Healthy food access...



The Celebration and History of Gay Pride

Though the origins of Pride Month can span back to the ’50s, President Bill Clinton officially made it “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month” in...



6 Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking

  Consuming cannabis can be done in a number of ways, with smoking and inhaling being the well-known option. However, not everyone likes to...



Why Does Marijuana Cause Red Eyes?

As more and more patients turn to a natural, alternative treatment options, it’s important that we continue to educate both those new and familiar...