good marijuana dispensary

The Characteristics of a Good Marijuana Dispensary

Dispensaries have changed a lot from the time they opened back during the early days until today. Today’s dispensaries are very different and are taking up residence in many neighborhoods across America with the legalization of marijuana. On a good dispensary menu are many varieties, edibles, and different kinds of foods that people can try …

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Allergy Season is Here. How Cannabis Can Help

Allergy Season is Here: How Cannabis Can Help

Everyone knows when allergy season arrives. Coughing fits, watery eyes, sneezing, and congestion is just part of the seasonal allergy game so many people play. While the weather warms up, the allergies also rev up big time. Some people like taking their favorite over-the-counter meds in hope of relief. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. …

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A Crash Course in Using Pre-Filled Cannabis Vape Cartridges

A Crash Course in Using Pre-Filled Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Cannabis is all the rage right now, with lots of new methods of smoking, tinctures, and more being introduced on the market. Vaping cannabis is gaining in popularity now, too, with some possible alternatives to smoking tobacco. Many people want to learn how to use a vape cartridge, a pre-filled vape pen, or medical marijuana …

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Annual holidays are not just about picnics and federal days of celebration. Tens of thousands of Americans also gather to celebrate a drug gaining momentum across many states for legalization even if it is illegal federally. Marijuana is cherished by many and so created a celebratory date to display their joy and love of this …

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Decriminalize Cannabis in 2021

Decriminalizing Cannabis in 2021

The push in 2021 was stronger than at any other time in history to decriminalize use of cannabis. Legislation was introduced late fall focusing on legal challenges facing businesses that deal with cannabis. At the federal level these challenges are making it more difficult for cannabis businesses to thrive. Find out more about decriminalization efforts …

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Roots of 710

When most people think of cannabis holidays, 420 comes to mind, but there’s another holiday that many cannabis aficionados celebrate.  710, or July 10th, focuses on highlighting cannabis in all its forms, particularly oils, concentrates, and dabs. 710 still isn’t as well-known or as popular as 420 and only dates back to 2012. Compared with …

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Marijuana Companies Owned By Women of Color

Despite the liberalization of the cannabis industry, it is still dominated by Whites with Blacks participating little in the marijuana economy. In cases where Blacks participate, they are mostly men. This means that Black women are still underrepresented in the marijuana economy.  People of color have been disproportionately targeted by law enforcement for possessing, consuming, …

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New Age

New Age of Cannabis Ownership

As enterterpurners, we understand how important it is to have constant conversations involving business leaders in the cannabis industry- especially those young and black. Hope Wiseman, Seun Adedji, Jesse Grundy, and Reese Benton understand better than anyone of the successes, failures, lessons learned, and the visionary thinking that comes with working in the cannabis industry.  …

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